Tallit Sale – Prayer Shawl Men & Women

Tallit Shawls for Women and Men

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Tallit and Prayer shawls are a specialty of ours. Selling Talleisim for over two decades we offer both men and women’s garments for all occasions including Bar Mitzvah’s , Bat Mitzvah’s and Weddings.

A wool tallit is a classic shawl supplied in standard blue, black and white striping in every size and every option. We can tie tzizit on your wool tallit in any nusach you desire including Ptil Techelet the blue strand. We provide optional embroidery service where we personalize your purchase to add your name , date, or a special phrase onto your garment or bag. We supply Lurex wool tallits which includes a subtle set of interwoven striping of gold and silver metal weaved within the wool.

Women’s shawl garments are spectacular. Each women’s garment is handmade just like an outfit. The materials used are organza, light wool, viscose, silk tallits and others in a delicate blend of design and material to wear and match any outfit for that special occasion.

Choose a carrying case. While often we’ll provide you a set to include the bag with the garment, many of the classic wool shawls and tefillin require a separate bag on it’s own. In classic velvet our embroidered bags are exquisite. We now offer new material bags such as authentic leather with the option to personalize and all embroidered bags.

Tzizit are the actual 8 string set tied on a four cornered garment. Every Jew is required to wear the tzizit if wearing a four cornered garment. With such a beautiful mitzvah, most Jews take it upon themselves to wear tzizit at all times and thus wear it as an undergarment. Available in wool, cotton and polyester, these tzizit sets are easy to wear and wash. An affordable price for all our tzizit, most customers order 2 – 5 sets at a time, affording even greater automatic discounts. Shop online today for your next pair.