Challah Knives

Challah Knives

Challah Knife for Sale

Silver challah knife and designer challah knives used to cut Challah on shabbat and Yom Tov and for all year round use. Gorgeous gift boxed knives make a great gift ! A challah knife is distinguished knife designated to honor the shabbat and Jewish holidays. Used at every meal for cutting the challah the knife is a pleasure to own and use with family and friends and makes a fabulous gift idea.

Shabbat Challah Knives & Salt Cellars

Special handles read לכבוד שבת  or שבת שלום in beautiful silver and colorful enamel. Wooden carved handles, hand painted with Jewish and shabbat motifs are a wonderful addition to your tableware & cutlery.  Make sure to shop for a matching challah board and challah covers on sale for that perfect set !

 All our knives are hiqh quality stainless steel, sterling silver and always rust proof. Each boxed in it’s deserving presentation box, you’ll find the right selection of matching optional napkin holders, rings, and a variety of cutlery to suit your table set.  Buy your challah knife today online and save big. All our challah knives are priced fabulously and our selection grows daily. Always in stock, we ship fast and guaranteed. 

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