Kiddush Cups – Judaica

Kiddush cups are wine cups designated for consecrating (reciting Kiddush bracha) over them. Kiddush cups will have a Jewish theme such as the grape and vine as one of the 7 species the land of Israel is blessed with. Kiddush cups as well will have the bracha ,בורא פרי הגפן often engraved or hand painted on the cup or saucer. They make beautiful gifts and really an essential part of the shabbat and Jewish holiday table.

In recent years or perhaps not so recent 10 – 15 years wine fountains have been a delight to own and use at the shabbat table. Specially for guests and families it makes for an easy and quicker way to pour the kiddush wine for all without spill. A beautiful addition to any table but specially a delight for the Jewish home. Shop online for all these wonderful kiddush cups and wine fountains gift ideas.