Collectibles & Souvenirs

Collectibles & Souvenirs

Jerusalem & Israeli Souvenirs

Israeli souvenirs, miniatures & collectibles in artistic wood, silver including stands.These beautiful display Judaica pieces are miniature replicas of important religious articles and Jewish themes in the Bible. A beautiful gift idea for home and office.

Israeli souvenirs entail miniature scultptures and collectibles in leu of Hassidic characters and Israeli sites and scenes along with Jewish characteurs and symbols. A beautiful way to keep Jerusalem and Israel at heart and soul of your home, work place, office and Temple. 

Jewish Collectibles & Sculptures

Israeli souvenirs such as keychains are fabulous gift ideas to take Israel with you and give to others. Shop an everchanging cool and classic selection of Jerusalem and Israeli souvenirs direct from Israel. These collectibles, sculptures and keychains are an especially wonderful idea for parties and family get together give aways. Hand them out for simchas and be remembered as a lover of Israel and Jerusalem. 

Collect all valuable souvenirs from the holy land. Each piece truly inspiring of the focal center of earth and perhaps your last trip and your inspiring next trip to the holy land. Many of our sculptures will capture the feel and spirit of the wailing wall, Jerusalem, Peace, people and pilgrimages to the holy land for centuries.

Framed artpieces in Silver, hinged boxes, The Israeli Defence Forces, Rabbis, Hassidim, blessings, holidays and Psalms are just a few examples of featured collectibles for sale. You’ll also find such classics as Fiddler on the Roof, Noah’s Ark musical hinged boxes, vintage blessings for newborns, children and adults alike. Figurines and coins make for an excellent gift idea for him and wonderful Bar Mitzvah Gift Ideas and Bat Mitzvah gift ideas as well as Jewish wedding gift ideas

Buy at a price guarantee and shop Israel with confidence. Israeli souvenirs are definitely the ideal meaningful gift giving ideas and fabulous self gifts.

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