Kosher Food Grocery

Kosher Food Grocery

Kosher Food Grocery Store

Kosher food & Kosher grocery store delivering anywhere in the USA. Kosher Food Products, labelled Kosher including vegan and nut free products. To save you money, our kosher grocery store sells pre packaged quantities as noted and usually packaged in 12. This saves you money on all kosher food products to keep a kosher diet.

Kosher Meat Pizza and Pickles

Our prepared Jewish food includes kosher pizza , kosher hot dog buns, kosher pickles, parve / pareve kosher baked goods all labelled ou and kosher symbol products with a very large plethora of prepared glatt kosher meals.

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Jewish Educational Toys

Jewish Educational Toys

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Protective Amulet Evil Eye Jewelry

Protective Amulet Evil Eye Jewelry

Magnificent protective pendant, wrist and other jewelry. Colorful stone protective pendants and wrist wear to ward off harmful auras.


Worn on the wrist as an ancient amulet to ward off negative spirits and protect you. Wear it in silver with a variety of stone materials and colors. The store Jewelry is made with the center vision bead which represents good luck and protection. Available are silver, gold, red string around the wrist, pendants and earrings. Many are available to match in sets. Bring good fortune to yourself today with special jewelry .

Jewelry Pendants

Highly popular are pendants now available in vibrant colors and gemstones. A truly sleek looking piece of jewelry that arouses an awareness to all who wear it. Imaging wearing a beautiful gemstone pendants on chain in an elegant attire or a silver pendant with chain on a casual chemise shirt. A very unique jewelry piece for any occasion.

Background & Knowledge

For centuries it has been well documented that words and spirits carry significance. Many people have experienced difficulties that have been traced to having been affected by specific instances, glances and stares.

A curse felt to be cast by a harmful stare and look, usually given to an unaware person.Many people across multiple cultures believe that receiving a malevolent glare cause misfortune or injury. Talismans created to protect against this harmful affect are worn as Jewelry. Part of it's power is that it reminds one to be humble and avoid the limelight and unnecessary focus of attention. Not only on oneself, it is often referred to the watch and divine providence from above adorned with rays of light enclosed by an upper and lower shaped lid resembling our own focal retina faculties. This isn't a surprise since human mankind is but a very small reflection of a higher reality and vision being one of it's highest faculties in man. In Hebrew the word used in עיו הרע a phenomena well known and beleived by almost all communities across the Jewish world. This probably lent to the belief by Christians, Moselems, Hindus and many other religions. The colors most often used are blue and red but not necessarily exclusively so. So many people get a dirty look or an envious feel in the air and forget it quickly. Yet many people trace it back to difficulties experienced due to the incident. To remedy the situation the mere fact of wearing something against it already makes one aware and all those around him of it's potential, and care to avoid. A biblical source can be found in Proverbs 23:6 which reads ו אַל-תִּלְחַם--אֶת-לֶחֶם, רַע עָיִן; וְאַל-תִּתְאָו, לְמַטְעַמֹּתָיו. 6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainties; ז כִּי, כְּמוֹ שָׁעַר בְּנַפְשׁוֹ-- כֶּן-הוּא: אֱכוֹל וּשְׁתֵה, יֹאמַר לָךְ; וְלִבּוֹ, בַּל-עִמָּךְ. 7 For as one that hath reckoned within himself, so is he: {N} 'Eat and drink', saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. So as you can see it's sources can be dated as far back as to King Solomon.
Chances are you have seen many people give the harmful look or probably have done given it to others. Likewise, you certainly have seen someone wear the amulet and talisman but are you aware of it's deep history and affect on culture. Do you realize how popular it is to wear a defensive symbol such as this ? Warding off bad luck is not superstition but a phenomena shown to be worthy of facts and figures of inflicted harm and forms of bad luck. Often traced to being overly praised undeservedly or specifically admired extraordinarily invites an open danger in this form. This clearly explains why celebrities as a whole have adapted the use of these amulets and talisman as jewelry pieces to wear regularly. Among the Ashkenazi Jews, the term used in Yiddish "Keneini Harah" קנייני הרע is said most often when complimenting or praising - especially ones own children. In Sephardic Jewry the term used by Jacob when blessing Joseph is recited בן פורת יוסף , בן פורת עלי עין.
Shop an exciting selection of all options and budgets that will make you feel great and look great. Covering all budget costs, you can buy one for every attire formal or casual. each piece makes for a delightful gift giving idea and truly a meaningful and thoughtful gift to anyone sensitive and conscience of it's affects and existence. Ideal for Bar mitzvah and Bat mitzvah gift ideas. Make sure to shop our other fabulous Jewish jewelry and Kabbalah departments.

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Tu B’Av

Tu B'Av
Jewish holiday of love, similar to Valentine’s Day

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Whimsical Jewish Gifts

Whimsical Jewish Gifts
Whimsical modern Judaica giftware in use of word play and art.

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Selichot / Selichos

Selichot / Selichos
Selichos / Selichot – Days of Penitence

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Shavuot 2018

Shavuot 2018

Stock up here for Shavuot Pentecost 2018!

Shop Ahuva for Shevuos Machzorim, Megillat Ruth, Aliya LaTorah cards and all other holiday needs!
Many shuls also celebrate with plush sefer torahs for children, and special holiday wall hangings.

It is also customary to stay awake throughout the night to immerse in learning, for which we offer a wide variety of Jewish books, including chumashim, shas, talmud, Jewish thought, halacha (Jewish law), commentaries, and more! Available in English and in Hebrew.

In honor of חג מתן תורה (Chag Matan Torah – the day we received the Torah) consider taking the opportunity to donate to your shul, synagogue or temple a Portable Aron Kodesh (Torah Ark), dedicated Parochet or Torah cases, Torah bells, rollers, pointers, and more. Visit Torah & Accessories for important items used in the Temple to rejuvenate and rejoice with the Torah giving holiday.

Shavuoth is the celebration of receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai.

It comes exactly 49 days after Pesach when we begin to count the omer. Get your Omer Counters here for shul and for home!

On Shavuot Pentecost we also read The Book of Ruth (Megilat Ruth), the story of an exemplary woman of valor who converted to Judaism and became the great-grandmother of King David. She teaches us of loyalty to G-d and the Jewish people and of the incredible Chesed (good deeds) she displays throughout.

David HaMelech is said to have been born on Shavuoth and Chasidim also observe the yartzeit of the Ba’al Shem Tov.

Shovuos is one of the שלוש רגלים (Shalosh Regalim – the three pilgrimage festivals) and it marks the wheat harvest in Israel. In English it is sometimes known as the Festival of Weeks.

On Shavuot Pentecost 2018 be sure to purchase all your holiday supplies here!

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Sterling Silver Judaica

Sterling Silver Judaica
Sterling Silver giftware collection. Amazing Judaica and gifts from Israeli silversmiths.

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Israeli Technology known for decades to be ahead of the pack. Now you can shop some of the greatest gadgets and technology gift items and innovations in Israel.

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Footwear in Israel – Sandals

Footwear in Israel - Sandals
Footwear – Leather sandals and Israeli fashion footwear.

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