Kosher Wines

Kosher Wines
Full Selection of kosher wines from Israel. Taste the holiness of Israel.

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Jewish Women Gift Store Shop

Jewish Women Gift Store Shop

Jewish Woman Gift

Shop fabulous Jewish gifts for women.

A Jewish Woman's Store with special Gifts For Her. Unique gift for today's Jewish Women & the Israel Women of today society. Give the gift for the woman of valor in your life. Shop spectacular new Israel fashion apparel and accessories made in vibrant colors and silks now showcased online including head coverings. We're presently adding specialty Israeli designer clothing with the latest fashions in vogue in Israel and around the world. For plus size women apparel we recommend the plus size Women's clothing store for a full selection at great value.

Jewish gift store with her in mind, you'll find fabulous gift ideas such as apparel from Israel, including modest head covers and sheitels, apparel, scarves, purses, and bags. For home, you'll find Eshet Chayil Women of Valor decor, wall art and frames, and fabulous kosher kitchenware. Shop for women's gift ideas in one place.

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Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts

Souvenir shop for Israel Day celebrations. Made in Israel and around the world.

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts , Israeli Army Souvenirs such as Israeli Bullet Pendants, Israeli Flags Souvenirs, Israel Map Pendants and Picture Frames, Israel Magnets, Israel Games, Coins and art are just a few examples of Israeli Souvenirs. All Lovely – All from Israel – All at great Prices. When you purchase a fabulous Israeli products and Israeli souvenir you not only get unique Israeli product or Israeli good, but a piece of Israel and support the Israel economy. Below you’ll find a select few Israeli souvenirs with a particular Israel flavor such as our Israel Map on Glass Mezuzah or Jerusalem Stone Personalized Plaque and Wall Tile. 

Celebrating Israel’s 70th Yom Haatzmaut Birthday & Beyond

Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts celebrating 70 years for the inception of the state of Israel to modern day. It’s a huge cause for celebration and every synagogue, temple and Jewish community around the world is encouraged to celebrate this modern day miracle. Give away Israeli flag pins and paraphernalia

Made in Israel and around the world to be unique. Yet don’t stop there, there are many more Yom Haatzmaut Israel day gift ideas and event souvenirs in many other departments in our store. Shop online for all your Israel Day Yom Haatzmaut Gifts items.

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Hazorfim Silver Sterling Silver Store

We carry every piece at a discount – so just ask us !

Sterling Silver tableware

Hazorfim silver store

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Gift Products

Gift Products

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Footwear in Israel – Sandals

Footwear in Israel - Sandals
Footwear – Leather sandals and Israeli fashion footwear.

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DVD / CD’s

DVD / CD's
Israeli & Jewish Movies DVD Films and CD Music. Specially selected DVD’s and CD’s that are essential in Jewish education, History and knowledge for you and your family. Each make a wonderful and unique Jewish gift

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Challah Board

Challah Board

Shop for a challah board with knife. A great selection with a price guarantee. Ideal for Shabbat and Yom Tov and all holidays. a beautiful addition for your home and table.


Shabbat Challah Boards & Challah Trays

Shop online at for all your Shabbos (Shabbat) needs, beginning with an exquisite challah board with knife or challah tray.  Shop with confidence knowing you are getting top quality for the best possible price.  Buy as a gift for family or friends, for wedding gifts or engagement presents as well.  Each gift comes boxed and delivered with a gift card if you choose. Many of the challah boards and trays are made in Israel by talented and well-known Israeli artists and Israeli designers. sells hand-painted wood designs, sterling silver, wood and silver-plate and many more. Use the scroll menus to narrow down your selection. We also offer a wonderful selection of challah covers (bread challah covers) to go along with your new challah board with knife or challah tray.
The Jewish Sabbath (called Shabbat in Hebrew and Shabbos in Yiddish) is a special day for Jews around the world as is Yom Tov ( or Chagim in Hebrew, Yontif in Yiddish, the Holidays in English). It is a special mitzvah (commandment) to eat “Lechem mishneh”, which are two specially baked bread loaves in commemoration of the “manna” which the Jews ate while wandering in the desert for 40 years.  To sanctify our weekly Shabbat meals, we decorate our table beautifully and serve special meals. After blessing the wine (Kiddush), we then wash our hands, reciting a blessing as well. We then bless the challahs and distribute a piece to all who are sitting at our Shabbat table. Though some may tear the challah, most people use a knife specifically for Challah or bread and cut slices for all the dinner and lunch guests. Our selection of challah knives is unique as well, with many types and styles on sale. We now carry various colors of challah knives too. Please visit our website to see our incredible selections of: Shabbat challah board with knife, challah tray, challah knives, and challah cover!

Bread Challah Trays

Your store for Challah boards & Challah trays, and Shabbat Challah Board with knife.

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Candles for Havdalah

Candles for Havdalah, Hanukkah, Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs. Multiwick candles made in Israel for Havdallah are a beautiful and practical gift and our selection of specialty candles are ideal for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs and can be personalized. 

Hanukkah Candles

Our Hanukkah candles are perfect for Hanukkah. Colorful beeswax candle boxes have exactly the right amount to light the Hanukkah menorah for 8 days.
Whatever your Havdalah candle and Hanukkah candles needs are we’ve got them at a best price.

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9 Av

9 Av
9 Av, Tisha B’Av Destruction of Temple. On the 9th of Av known as Tisha B Av we mourn the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash. Purchase your Kinnos books, Temple Model – Beis Hamikdash Model and Memorial Items for the 9th of Av. We offer Tisha B’ Av 9 Av special discounts on Kinnos and Tisha B’ Av Kinnos booklets for institutions. Click below to view Tisha B’ Av – 9 Av products for quantity discounts.

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