Tallit Store

Tallit Store

Tallit Store . Shop Prayer Shawls

Largest selection of Jewish tallit for sale. Women’s Tallit with personalized tallit bag sets.

Jewish Tallit Store

We are the offical tallit store of the internet selling quality tallits for almost two decades online. We carry tallits for men, women, bar mitzvah tallits, bat mitzvah tallits, wedding tallits in wool, silk, cotton, acrylic, jacquard, organza, sheer and other materials. A selection of colors from custom black, blue, pink, purple and much more. Spectacular new Tallit for men in unique designer finish touches. All tallits can be ordered with a matching bag and kippah and all Jewish tallit for sale come in an array of classic and vibrant colors.


Custom Tallit Designs

Have a special tallit request and want to customize your tallit, we can do it. We ship fast and most tallits are made in Israel. All our tallit sets are 100% kosher by orthodox standards and we can specially tie your tallit with ptil techelet (blue dyed strings) tzizit. Moreover, we can custom tye your tallit in any special minhag (custom) you would like. We’ve been tallit experts in the field for years and no one provides tallit options and service on your tallit to make that special mitzvah of arba kanfot (the 4 cornered strings tied on the tallit) like we do for you.
A tallit will last for many years. Sometimes your tallit can last over 15 years. Many people own mulitiple tallits – one tallit for shabbat and another weekday tallit. The reason for buying a tallit with us is far beyond basic. We have an inhouse embroidery studio to personalize your name or special phrase on your tallit or tallit bag. Our quality of embroidery is super as is our quality of lined tallit bags, neckbands (atarahs) and tallit clip selection. We can specially sew on lining bands on the head to protect the tallit from staining as well as middle bands of specially designed material patterns to beautify any of our classic wool tallits. So don’t ust shop a tallit anywhere, get your tallit from the original source of tallits online since 1999 and owners of tallit store and Prayer Shawls. Simply the best tallit store online.
There isn’t a tallit we can’t get for you faster and better priced. The reason is we have been a dealer of tallits for over two decades and have sold more tallits than any other organization in the world. Yes, so we know our tallits. Each tallit is clearly shown online and if you notice below the tallit description, you will find a tallit size chart link. Click to read our suggested tallit sizes to fit you exactly right. Jewish Tallit for sale store.

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Tamar Messer

Tamar Messer
Tamar Messer gift store. We carry every Tamar Messer gift, so ask us. Use coupon code “tamar” now for special discount only for a limited time!

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Tallit Accessories

Tallit Accessories
Tallit accessories to improve, repair, and amplify the beautify of your tallit  and make wearing your tallit comfortable.

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Spinning Rings

Spinning Rings
Jewish spinning rings. Rings that spin on their access. All authentically made in Israel.

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Talisman Amulet

Talisman Amulet
Jewish Amulet. Ancient Hebrew prayers and Godly names of protection. A small object carried or worn to ward off evil, harm, or illness and bring good fortune.

Our amulets are specially chosen with an authentic history of protection. A talisman charm that is ancient as it is true to be. Each Talisman is carefully designed from authentic Jewish texts where first hand bearers have attested to their effectiveness. Our Good Luck Charm provides not only an amulet for positive energy but a proven talisman for protection. Talisman’s differ from an amulet and are more appreciated nowadays as previous generations amulets have been confirmed and known to provide miraculous powers. Amulets with inscriptions of hebrew phrases and letter combinations are well documented Talisman’s. Direct contact of the amulet talisman on one’s body.

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Washing Cups – Natala

Washing Cups - Natala

Shop Ahuva for your new and unique washing cup – Natala! Also a perfect Judaica gift idea! 

Natalot Washing cups & Basin Bowls

We offer a wide range, from gorgeous and exquisite designs perfect for a Jewish wedding gift to simple, inexpensive ones available to be ordered in bulk for schools and organizations at quantity discounts.

Browse here for a new negel vasser washing cup – for your home or as a wonderful Jewish gift. All sizes, colors, and materials.

Purchase models with a basin for a portable washing experience – perfect for outdoor parties and barbeques, or to bring to the handicapped and elderly in order to wash at the table without having to get up.

Our beautiful natalot come to you straight from the Land of Israel with classic and contemporary designs by Israel’s most shining Judaica artists. Available in polyresin, ceramic, sterling silver, wood, and more! We also feature a beautiful eco-friendly bamboo design. 

Washing cups are a Jewish staple used to wash hands the traditional way before a meal including bread. For generations, the washing of the hands has been an essential part of every shabbat family meal before the blessing on the challah, “hamotzi”. 

They are also used in the morning upon waking up (known as “negel vasser”). After washing one recites:

Baruch ata ado – nai elo – haynu melech haolam, asher kidshanu bemitzvotav vetzivanu al netilat yadayim. 

In addition to negel vasser Netillat Yadayim cups, browse above for smaller washing cups for Mayim Achronim. 

These are intended for use after the meal, when it is customary to pass around a small washing cup and basin with which to rinse the tips of one’s fingers. Mayim Achronim cups differ from Netilat Yadayim cups in that they do not require handles. 

Ideal for Jewish homes and Jewish wedding gifts, buy the perfect washing cup for Netilat Yadayim here!

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Talitania Tallits

Talitania Tallits
Talitania Tallit Store

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Star of David

Star of David
Jewish Star of David, Star Necklace Jewelry at great prices. Star of David Necklace. Jewish Star Pendant Jewelry :

Shop Jewish Star of David, Star Necklace Jewelry for a beautiful selection of Star of David necklace sets and pendants. Most all our star necklace sets are available in Gold or Silver. Moreover, you’ll find here Star of David necklace Sets with Opal Stones necklace Sets in both Gold on Silver. The star of David is the eternal emblem of the shield of David and is a beautiful six pointed Star necklace & pendant to wear for all ages. The Star of David is the Shield of David a symbolic 6 pointed

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Torah, Crowns & Accessories

Torah, Crowns & Accessories
Torah Ornaments from Torah Crowns to Torah Bells. Torah Breastplates and Torah Cases.  Torah Crowns, Torah breastplates and torah poles and other Torah ornaments for your synagogue or temple. We specialize in all items for Synagogues and Torahs. Need custom Aliyah Cards, Eitz Chayim Poles for your Torah with dedication ? We do it all here at a price value guarantee you will not find anywhere else. Torah crowns can be rimonim (literally bells) which are separate ornamental crowns that sit individually on top of each Etz Chaim pole roller. When ordering a Torah crown or Rimmonim, check to make sure your torah size and poles are standard. Provide measurements if possible to ensure fit.

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Torah Bible

Torah Bible
Torah Bible & Biblical Books including Leather Bibles. Chumash Rashi Ramban Rambam Jewish Commentaries

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